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We can find and help you hire the High Performing Leaders you need

C-Suite | Board Members | Management Consulting

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Our Goal

To help you build High Performing Executive Teams so your company can advance to the next level of leadership and profitability.

Specializing in Venture Capital, Private Equity, Hedge Fund Firms, Information Technology, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical.

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Hire the Right Leaders

Our goal is to help you hire the best. The “A-Players”. The ideal leaders for your company.


Using TRACCS, our Proven Proprietary Process, we use metrics to focus on showing you how to hire your next candidate, then help you find and successfully hire the high performers while avoiding the all too common mis-hires

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Career Management

3D Tek has been helping Leaders achieve their long-term career objectives for over 20 years

Our Career Management Program offers:

  •  Personalized Touch
  •  Dedicated Follow-through
  •  Professional Relationship
  •  Career Coaching

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COO for Board of Directors

His key areas of guidance include Finance, Accounting, Operational Excellence, Human resources, management and compensation, Outsourcing offshore operations, Software Development, and SaaS based operations for software delivery.

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Driven & Versatile Technology Leader

John is Chief Information Officer of a $32 billion diversified technology and industrial company. He is a global Information Technology executive with extensive public board, finance, Six Sigma, ERP, M&A integration and cybersecurity expertise. John has served in progressively larger, public company CIO and CIO-Plus assignments spanning complex services, engineered products, and digital, Internet of Things (IoT) and analytics business models.

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Senior Executive IT Leader / CIO

IT Strategy and Business Management
Transformational IT Leadership
IT Governance, Value Creation and Budgeting
Board of Directors and Investor Presentations
Strategic IT Consulting
ERP / Integrations
Customer Engagement & Experience
Technological and Business Innovation
Complex Program and Project Management
IT Security Best Practices and Risk Management
Merger, Acquisition and Divestiture Management

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Your assessment of my needs and the candidate that you selected was right on target

Gary. P.

There was no way our staff could have had time to do all this extra work without outside assistance your people provided for us

Tony L.

Emil provided a short list of 5 candidates for the leadership role, which resulted in 2 solid candidates. And out of these 2 candidates, we have been well served.

Leigh Ann E.

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