Who We Are

3D Tek, Inc. is a boutique Executive Search Firm that was founded in 1997 to help clients find and acquire High Performing Teams.

Our Goal is to help companies build the High Performing Executive Teams that can help take their company to the next level.

We do this by building relationships. The partnerships we form are based on mutual trust and unparalleled professionalism, coupled with a desire to elevate your company's strategic performance and profitability, crucial in maintaining a competitive edge in today's market.

  • Certified Minority Business Enterprise by FMSDC
  • Woman Owned
  • Small Business Enterprise
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Staffing Company

Client Solutions

The 3D Tek Difference

True, we provide exceptional A-List talent who can help guide your company to new heights, but it’s not just what we do that makes us stand out, it’s how we do it.

Our heuristic approach to marketing, research, and candidate development means we can provide you with a diverse group of the most highly qualified, uniquely talented candidates for each position. Our proprietary TRACCS process defines the core competencies of each candidate, including our "private stock" of C-Suite, VP, and Board Member candidates in order to find the ideal fit for the position and your company. The service requests we receive are as diverse as our clients, with fee structures customized for each level of service provided.

This makes 3D Tek uniquely positioned and able to help your organization adapt and prosper.

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Career Management Solutions

Join Our Family of High Performers

If you’ve excelled in your career and are looking for a C-Suite, VP, or Board Member Executive role that will truly challenge you, it’s time to speak with a member of the 3D Tek team about our Career Management Program. We can provide a path that will help you reach the levels of excellence of which you are capable, both personally and professionally. Our unique combination of specialization and experience can help you find opportunities and achieve your long-term career objectives.

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