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Ultimate Guide to Airbnb for Business Travelers

Airbnb for Business Travelers

Many travelers book with Airbnb to save on lodging for personal and leisure trips.  But you might not know it’s equally convenient to use Airbnb for Work, which is a business dashboard that encourages stronger company culture through team building, local experiences, and increased collaboration when traveling – all while saving ~50% on expenses

These days, ~700,000 businesses use Airbnb for Work to book spaces that specifically support team travel.  In this guide, we’ll show you how find them, how the program works, and why it might be a fit for your company’s travel style.

And while Airbnb doesn’t have a loyalty program (yet!), you can earn miles, points, or cash back by paying with the best small business credit cards.

If You Haven’t Considered Airbnb for Work, It Can Be a Beneficial Way to Bring Your Team Together – and Save Money at the Same Time!

Let’s take a look!

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Workplace Behaviors that Taint Your Professional Image

Your Job is Secure, How's Your Image?

Last time we reviewed seven mistakes that can potentially get you fired. This time we take a deeper look at behaviors that can harm your professional image.

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Company Culture -Part 1-

What is it?

A Two-part Series with insight into Company Culture, and how to build and maintain it

"Employees make hundreds of decisions on their own every day, and culture is our guide..." ~ Frances Frei and Anne Morriss

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Future Thinking a Must for IT

Is Your Company Ready for the Future?

"Does your IT Department anticipate shifts in business and take the steps to prepare for future needs, or does it merely cater to the present day needs? This is something you need to know..."

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Talent Retention Begins at "Welcome Aboard!"

Increase Talent Retention Before Day One

The time in between offer acceptance and a new employee's first day is critical. How they feel about the company structure, policies and culture will likely be heavily influenced during this time, which has huge implications for their potential retention rate. Luckily there are a few simple yet effective ways to ensure that new employees feel like they are part of the team before their name is even on the door. 

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Will Your Next Hire Come From Instagram?

There's More to Social Media Than LinkedIn

There are far more social media platforms that can be used for recruiting than just LinkedIn. Learn about how to appropriately leverage different social media platforms. A successful social media strategy will keep your audience informed and give them a sense of what it would be like to work for your company.

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Company Culture -Part 2-

Maintaining It

Now that you know – or at least have an idea of – what company culture is, how it’s built, and why it is so important to a business, it’s time to show you some of the best ways of maintaining that culture.


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Office Conduct

Avoiding Workplace Behavior Problems

It can be difficult to completely separate your personal and professional lives. It is important, after all, to be personable with those that you work with, in order to gain the necessary trust and amenability one expects when successfully working with others. However, being personable with others and getting personal through your actions are two different things entirely. Keep reading to learn some of the most commonly made mistakes that one can easily make that can put your job at risk.

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Social Media Recruiting - Part 1 of 3

Social Media – Your New Recruiting Strategy

Everything is shifting to social media, and that includes talent recruitment. Just as newspaper classified ads gave way to job boards, people are turning more and more to social media to fill vacancies and find new job opportunities. By crafting an effective social media strategy you can meet your audience where they already spend their time.

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Cyber Security

Keep One Step ahead

As technology continues to progress, hackers become more sophisticated and the threat of a cyber-attack increases, so you need to take measures to ensure your company’s, employees’, and clients’ information remains secure.

“In the annual PwC, CIO, and CSO survey of more than 9,600 global executives, 41 percent of US respondents had experienced one or more security incidents during the past year. And that number is rising. Respondents reported financial losses, intellectual property theft, reputational damage, fraud, and legal exposure, among other effects.” -"Cybersecurity: The new business priority"


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