PostgreSQL DBA remote


During this initiative, we will provide client the following services
o Investigate Schema
o Review stored procedures
? Schema Conversion - Convert schema to PostgreSQL objects.
o Tables, Indexes, Triggers, Constraints, Views, Materialized Views, Indexes, Data Types
o User Defined Types
o User Mapping and Security
? Data Migration - Migrate stage data into a test environment, as well as set up an environment for continuous replication or continuous ETL. Setup DMS replication, and tasks.
? Migration Testing - Continuous migration testing.
? Data Integrity Testing - Confirm data has made it to the new environment in the same form as the previous environment.
? Performance Tuning - Tune SQL Server queries to run smoothly and efficiently and within benchmarks from SQL Server. Help to tune Aurora to handle load and requests.
? Support - General Support and acceptance testing. This includes meetings, calls and application support.
? ETL - Converting stored procedures, sequences and functions to PostgreSQL and transforming data to load into tables.
? Agile Support - Create and manage stories, attend meetings, chat discussions
? SQL Server Environment Assessment – Assess client environment.

Remote Option available
Assignment Length: up to 2 months

Required Skills:

7 years of PostgreSQL DBA experience
Work Visa: Green Card or US Citizen


Bushnell, FL

Position Type:

Contractor Assignment

Remote / Telecommute Contractor Assignment

Hourly Rate:

OPEN but based on experience & skills (Corp. to Corp.)
OPEN but based on experience & skills (W2 Employment)

Closed 01/14/2021

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