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Eileen F.

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Eileen is an experienced writer, editor and manager with in-depth knowledge of the technology industry.


Eileen has spent her extensive career writing and editing content about the technology industry, while managing websites, print publications and newsletters that cover business tech. The magazines and sites she edited provided valuable information to technology and business professionals, managers and executives. Eileen also wrote for and edited custom magazines and websites for tech vendors.


Her career spans titles ranging from editor to editor in chief, to editorial director and director of web content. The publications she managed won more than 90 awards for top-notch editorial content and design.


The quality content Eileen produced and the compelling newsletters she wrote drove traffic to the sites, which helped the sales team bring in advertisers and increase revenue. When requested, she worked with the salespeople, providing information to help close ad deals and attending editorial meetings with tech vendors.


Eileen’s responsibilities included:


  • Managed websites, print publications, custom content and newsletters covering the technology industry
  • Wrote and edited articles, columns, news, custom content, slideshows and blogs
  • Managed people, budgets and schedules
  • Managed the sites’ social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Worked extensively with technology tools, including content management systems, Google Analytics, Word, PowerPoint and Excel


For five years, Eileen also managed an awards program for CIOs and CEOs who worked collaboratively to deploy enterprise technologies that achieved strategic business goals.


Eileen co-produced and hosted Office Automation, a 40-week television series, and co-authored the book Administrative Procedures in the Electronic Office.  She was a member of the Office Automation Task Force for the Grace Commission, and was a consultant and technology expert for the U. S. Department of Commerce at technology exhibitions throughout Europe.

Eileen has a BA in Journalism/Communications from Fordham University.

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