Healthcare Technology Executive

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Biju S.

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Biju is a visionary healthcare technology executive with focus on Modernization and process Automation to reduce Healthcare costs


  • His expertise is in IT Modernization, IT management and Agile Transformation.
  • Biju successfully developed and executed strategy to modernization of Legacy IT platforms for fortune 500 Healthcare organizations. His strength lies in his ability to analyze, develop a strategic roadmap and then to Develop/ implement business systems and perform change management to streamline operations
    • Biju’s current organization has decentralized businesses and operations, with customer engagement and communication orchestration in chaos. Biju was asked to develop a plan to come up with an approach to implement a system and obtain buy-in from key stakeholders from senior executives to operational leaders. Biju successfully developed a 3 year Digital Transformation roadmap which included an organization structure, an implementation roadmap and a change management program to support the success of the implementation, which led to key cultural changes (customer focused) within the organization. The 1st phase of implementation was successfully completed and 2nd phase is in progress
    • Starting in 2010, the $7 Billion company was struggling with its SG&A and was looking towards IT for help. Biju worked with the CIO to develop a Modernization roadmap which helped the company to save $8 Million+ year over year. One key implementation was a call center application, retiring 40+ different systems a call center agent would log into, thus reducing call duration by more than 60%. Biju also developed an output system digitizing paper communications, saving $3 Million plus yearly and helping improve compliance and reporting.
    • His expertise is in Systems Modernization and process improvement, which provides a business structure for operational savings and growth opportunities.
    • Biju has an MBA in Strategy and Finance and BS in Mechanical Engineering
    • Seeking opportunities as CTO/CIO/VP of Engineering in Healthcare/Lifesciences domain, in organizations ranging from start-ups to fortune 500
    • 20 years overall Leadership experience in these areas:
  • Strategic planning & execution
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (IT)
  • Budget & cost management, KPIs       
  • Project /Program management/
  • IT Governance, Roadmaps & Operations                     
  • Agile/Lean Methodologies/ Business Process Automation
  • Strategic Vendor partnerships
  • Human capital on/offshore management   
  • Emerging Technologies & Product Development 
  • Enterprise Architectures & Solutions Design
  • Systems Integration & Applications Management     
  • Cloud & Mobile computing                 
  • Enterprise Digital transformation
  • Web /E-commerce Platforms
  • Team Development /Training

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