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Igor S.

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Igor is experienced, result driven VP of Engineering with focus on building high performance distributed development teams, delivering state of the art technology products and solutions.



Igor’s main area of expertise lies in software development for the Energy and Commodity Trading Industry, where he worked as a VP of Architecture and Technology, Software Development Director, team lead, and developer. He is passionate about technology, possesses superb analytical and problem solving skills, and aims to focus on delivery of business value for customers.

  • Established and maintained Architecture and Technology roadmap. Communicated vision to senior leadership as well as to the development organization.
  • Put together a plan and executed migration from legacy monolithic architecture to component based/microservices solution. Re-architecture resulted in improved code quality, increased maintainability and allowed shorter turnaround time for delivery value to the customers.
  • Standardized SDLC methods and developed unified set of processes. Established SDLC migration roadmap from outdated tools to modern technology. Implemented CI process and infrastructure. These changes improved efficiency, reliability, and shortened development feedback cycle.
    • Replacement of source code repository cut access delays for offshore developers by 4 time, resulting in hundreds man-hours saved per year on waiting for code to check in/check out.
  • Developed strategy and launched a re-engineering of the Valuation Engine for Commodity Trading and Risk Management solution. New version improved performance by 30x with 50% less hardware and provided scalability up to 10M trades.
  • Established Application Performance Review Program. Performance reviews of customer installations allowed 2-3x improvement in timing of batch processes through changes in business process, configuration changes and tuning of software and hardware.
  • Supervised adoption of Cloud/AWS through development organization to increase business agility, scalability and efficiency
  • Led many successful software implementations as development manager and chief architect.
  • Played key role in building offshore development center in India, with the development team growing from 6 people to 240 in 10 years.

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