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Alex I.

Region: United States
Profile ID: 917

Vice President, CIO/CTO Professional with over 15 years experience in building teams, developing strategies and implementing process improvements leading to direct bottom line performance.


This uniquely talented executive is currently performing as the Vice President, CIO/CTO of a highly respected organization.


By applying a diverse combination of formal training, practical experience, and entrepreneurship, I have proven myself a leader in operational efficiency and strategic application development.  Through this resume, I seek to articulate those experiences that best demonstrate my ability to identify core challenges, assimilate critical data, create & deploy solutions, and gain the necessary insight to develop strategic advantage over competitors.  My expertise in business process improvement, information technology, intellectual property process, health sciences, and education is complimented by a uniquely developed set of skills in negotiation, public speaking, and consensus building.  Consequently, my success history across various domains underscores my capacity to effectuate change in virtually any field.

Skilled Professional with over 15 years’ experience in building teams, developing strategies and implementing process improvements leading to direct bottom line performance. Solutions architect with capacity to clarify and translate client needs and initiate viable process improvements through the use of technology based opportunities. Collaborative work style which fosters consensus building leading to accurate and timely project completion. Strong focus on financial forecasting and modeling with a high emphasis on ROI.  I excel at strategic planning and development with a demonstrated ability to design IT solutions geared at addressing strategic and operational goals.

CORE Competencies

* Restructuring

* organization development
* strategic planning / development
* operational efficiency
* business process improvement
* project / team management
* motivation / leadership
* financial forecasting / modeling
* new business development
* UI/UX application development
* agile development
* mobile / responsive design
* negatiations
* health care solutions architect
* technology management / architecture
* matrix based it solutions
* practice management
* audit / compliance process
* contract management
* employee development
* patent processing
* research laboratory experience
* grant funding process
* medical / graduate educator

Developed the Discovery research platform support research access to storage, compute and application resources
Developed the Signature identity management system to normalize user data across internal/external applications
Developed the Academic Management Platform AMP for student education and corporate training.
Developed BCM’s first web based corporate care product.
Developed an innovative search system for clinical faculty search by patients.
Lead the upgrade and introduction of Epic tools through various releases.
Implemented a mobility initiative for the clinical environment designed to support administrative resources as well as increase revenues through optimizing clinical charge captures by 20% (potentially $10mil in recovered revenue)
Developed the Faculty Time and Effort Reporting System (FTERS) in order to meet federal regulatory and compliance requirements and minimize institutional liability (avoiding millions of dollars in potentially losses due to fines and infractions)
Negotiated with HR & HPAE (Union) the development of new job descriptions & salaries for UMDNJ IT professionals

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