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We can find and help you hire the High Performing Leaders you need

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Our Goal

To help you build High Performing Executive Teams so your company can advance to the next level of leadership and profitability.

Specializing in Venture Capital, Private Equity, Hedge Fund Firms, Information Technology, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical.

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Hire the Right Leaders

Our goal is to help you hire the best. The “A-Players”. The ideal leaders for your company.


Using TRACCS, our Proven Proprietary Process, we use metrics to focus on showing you how to hire your next candidate, then help you find and successfully hire the high performers while avoiding the all too common mis-hires

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Career Management

3D Tek has been helping Leaders achieve their long-term career objectives for over 20 years

Our Career Management Program offers:

  •  Personalized Touch
  •  Dedicated Follow-through
  •  Professional Relationship
  •  Career Coaching

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Software Engineering Leader

Key Accomplishments
• SaaS revenue stream – Developed and released SaaS offering increasing annual recurring revenues from zero to over $4 million.
• Agile rollout – Decreased Time-To-Market by 85% by implementing Agile Software Development and Delivery.
• Client retention – Raised annual client retention ratios to above 95%
• API integrations – Lead development of REST API from ground up resulting in 20+ integrations in two years
• Payment solution processing over $1 billion a month – Lead the product development and delivery of highly scalable Payment Gateway processing over $1 billion in monthly transactions.
• International Management– Lead offshore product development and delivered to production in less than one year.

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Global IT leader who aligns people

Fred is a global IT leader who aligns people and technology to solve problems and drive business value.

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CIO to Lead in Higher Education

Chief Information Officer of a large public university with 20+ years as a leader in Information Technology.

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Your assessment of my needs and the candidate that you selected was right on target

Gary. P.

There was no way our staff could have had time to do all this extra work without outside assistance your people provided for us

Tony L.

Emil provided a short list of 5 candidates for the leadership role, which resulted in 2 solid candidates. And out of these 2 candidates, we have been well served.

Leigh Ann E.

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