The jBASE MultiValue Database

jBASE is a world class Database Management System comprising development tools, middleware and a multi-dimensional database.  jBASE takes the best points of the relational database model and adds to it several significant benefits including ease of use, superb performance, small footprint and all the rich MultiValue features, making it ideally suited to all business uses from the Internet to OLAP to transactional applications.  The architecture is uniquely designed to allow all and any application development tools and backend databases to form part of a jBASE solution.

jBASE utilizes a highly flexible multidimensional data model. The fundamental architecture of this data model is one that enables the database to be designed as quickly as you can design forms. So no longer is a crew of DBAs or an army of consultants needed to implement and keep it running. Because the database allows tables embedded within other tables, you do not need to design your application around the database, but rather design it around your business and solving the business requirement at hand.

Technical Roles include:

  • Programmers / Developers / Analysts
  • Software Engineers
  • Performance Testers
  • Database Administrators / DBA
  • Systems Administrators
  • Project Managers/Leads
  • CIO's
  • VP's
  • Web Developers
  • Quality Assurance Analysts
  • Database Developers
  • System Architects
  • Network Administrators
  • IT Directors
  • CTO's

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