Remote Tealeaf Admin



" Ensuring Tealeaf is operational by a daily review of the Tealeaf pipeline process and capacity usage, in concert with the COTS Team. Providing production support 24 X 7.
" Refining the Tealeaf multi-tier pipeline process to respond to changes in CUSTOMER IT infrastructure and web application volume of session data. Storing versions of Tealeaf configuration files to provide an audit trail of progressive changes over time and for potential back-out scenarios.
" Coordinating timely updates of the Tealeaf product with support from the COTS Team.
" Working with the Network Teams configuration & support with respect to the Tealeaf product: gigamons, network capture fidelity, web server IP addresses, load balancing, capture server configuration, etc...
" Interacting with numerous CUSTOMER Operations staff members with topics & tasks involving monitoring the customer experience (CX), i.e. DBAs, Enterprise Security, Dev/Ops, Capacity Planning, Linux Team, COTS, Enterprise Architects, etc.…
" Overseeing & supporting the assignment and usage of entitled Tealeaf licenses.
" Providing Tealeaf information to auditors for compliance and for contract negotiations.
" Coordinating & supporting the individual CUSTOMER Tealeaf Teams PCI/SOX verification on a periodic 6 week cycle. Working with the Tealeaf Application Admins for an annual audit of the Tealeaf privacy rules for their applications.
" Coordinating & supporting the Tealeaf professional consultants who assist & teach CUSTOMER staff members how to improve their use of the Tealeaf product. Managing and recording the hours of Tealeaf consulting and verifying the invoices billed to CUSTOMER.
" Managing the requests for Tealeaf support from the IBM Tealeaf Client Support Team. Submitting requests for improvements to the Tealeaf products and interacting with the IBM Product Offering Manager.
" Diagnosing & troubleshooting Tealeaf issues.
" Mentoring & supporting the designated CUSTOMER Tealeaf Application Admins for departments and teams that use Tealeaf. Assisting the Tealeaf App Admins with supporting their Tealeaf teammates: events, reports, alerts, replay rules, replay triage, etc... Disseminating Tealeaf status information and lessons-learned across the different CUSTOMER departments and teams.
" On-boarding new CUSTOMER applications for the Tealeaf capture process.
" Updating SSL key certificates on the Tealeaf capture servers.
" Managing firewall rules for access from the Tealeaf replay servers to all the Tealeaf captured web application servers.
" Providing Tealeaf housekeeping to ensure the Tealeaf objects are manageable and obsolete objects are removed.
" Promoting good practice for the use of the Tealeaf product and improvements to the Tealeaf topology. Storing knowledge of the Tealeaf product to share with current and future Tealeaf stakeholders.
" Reviewing & verifying updates to the Tealeaf product. Participating in proof-of-concepts for Tealeaf modules. Review products in the CX domain. Attending regional Tealeaf user group meetings and webinars appropriate for the CX domain. Researching topics for CUSTOMER to improve monitoring with the Tealeaf product.
" Providing a single point-of-contact at CUSTOMER for all Tealeaf inquires and dispatching communications to the appropriate interested parties.
" Providing a weekly status report of Tealeaf topics and progress to CUSTOMER management.

Remote Option available
Assignment Length: up to 6 months

Required Skills:

Location: Remote
Possible upfront travel of a week - client will pay T&L if needed
Duration - 6 months
Start Date: ASAP
Only GC and USC
Min experience 6+ years Tealeaf Admin (current)


Bushnell, FL

Position Type:

Contractor Assignment

Remote / Telecommute Contractor Assignment

Hourly Rate:

up to $68.23 but determined on experience & skills (Corp. to Corp.)
up to $55.95 but based on experience & skills (W2 Employment)

Closed 08/30/2019

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