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Mark T.

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Business focused technology leader providing Organizational Transformation, Technology Transformation, Process Modernization



Expertise – As an experienced business focused technology leader, Mark has proven he can take on large scale business and technology transformational challenges.  His ability to drive the business by scaling product infrastructure, executing digital transformation services has made him strategically important to the success of the business in his last three roles as CIO of Neustar, McAfee and Electronic Arts. 


He has over 25 years of experience developing business and IT strategies that have driven both top line growth (e.g. DHS’s TSA aviation security, Cisco’s e-Commerce program) while optimizing both OPEX and gross margins.  He possesses the ability to deliver innovation, quality results while under difficult market conditions.


His experience is divided between business and technology disciplines.  His business expertise is in Product, Operations, Technical Support, Customer Service, Digital Transformation


Subject Areas - Information Technology, Product/Cloud OPS, DevOps/Agile Development, Business/Sales OPS, Global Outsourcing, Digital Transformation, Supply Chain Management, Customer Service, Technical Support, Professional Services, Large Scale Infrastructure Management, and all areas of IT


Excellent Business Acumen – Strategic Business and IT Planning, Operations, Sales & Marketing, Product Operations, Organizational Transformation, Operational Customer Delivery, Team Building & Performance Optimization, Customer-facing Issue Management


Industry Verticals – High Tech, Software, Manufacturing, Security, Telecom, Consumer Electronics, Gaming


Employers have ranged from a small startups to Fortune 100 companies.  A consistent hallmark has been a need for a significant transformation strategy to be envisioned then executed.  These initiatives have delivered top line revenue, improvements in customer satisfaction, and reduced costs in operations.


Representative transformation programs are:


·          Organizational Transformation –Upon joining McAfee, Mark inherited an “order taker” mentality IT team with little or no concept of who the customer was and assumed 1-2 major consumer-facing outages / week.  Mark quickly stabilized the infrastructure, delivered on “4 9’s” availability and implemented ITIL processes to improve ongoing operations, quality control, and customer support issue resolution.  Mark also revamped the team to focus much more so on the customer by implementing a “McAfee on McAfee” story, complete with many EBC engagements and user group interactions.  The Executive Team and the IT team affirmed the results were a complete turnaround.


Technology Transformation– EA had been on a journey to move its packaged goods gaming assets into on-line games for several years.  What EA lacked was the infrastructure to support 300M gamers and growing 15%-20% per year.   In addition, EA wanted to transform its internal systems from a vertically integrated technology asset base to a complete services (SaaS/IaaS/PaaS) model.  Mark quickly developed the strategic plan, implemented short term wins to improve performance, availability, while driving out costs to the business.  The overall technology investments were reduced over 20% two years in a row, with continual savings in future years by a change in the deliver model. 


Process Modernization – Sponsored several efforts to improve the company’s foundational processes, including; 1)  A enterprise wide Quote to Cash program for Neustar (a global $1.4 billion provider of information services), results included: 30–60% reduction in sales cycle time:, a 30–50% reduction in legal deal review work queue, and a 70% reduction in contract templates used; 2) A complete Incident Response process, inclusive of executive, external, and customer communications; and 3) An Engineering self-service software release process, improving throughput by over 3 times.

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