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Dee Dee S.

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Interactive Front End Development Director/Manager Search Engine Optimization - SEO Dir/Mgr, Search Engine Marketing Dir./Mgr., Content Text Editor/Proofreader Dir./Mgr., Graphics and Flash Development Dir./Mgr. Social Networking Dir./Mgr. & Google/SEO Consultant among skill set.


Substantial success in search results showing within first two to three of major search engine queries.

SUMMARY – 12 yrs exp.:

• HTML,DHTML,Php and Java Front End Development- Define & write code for client side layer of the presentation tier via CMS/FTP. Webpage scripting for proper function & appeal. International text content proofing, grammatical correction and keyword quality control. Webpage and server file development consultant.

• Extensive experience in creating & editing graphics, keyword focused web content and online ads for geographic organic search engine marketing to reach the largest marketing target search audience.

• Excellent communication skills. Ability to translate user needs into technical details after market research. Responsible for new products or services introduction, characterization, qualification and yield analysis and reliability processes.

• Extensive experience in creating, editing & posting multi-media assets like videos, flash w/multimedia voice-over scripting to blogs, forums, directories, Google maps etc. & on webpages including social networking.

• Extensive experience in establishing top Organic SE results in Geographical Organic Search Engine Marketing and Geographical Organic Search Engine Optimization. Meta tag creation.

• Extensively worked as a remote team with CEO, Marketing managers, IT personnel, web designers, media producers & have a good understanding of online marketing concepts. SEO - SEM Consulting. 

12 years as Director/Mgr of all things internet for mid-sized construction and paving company including additional assignments for variable industries.

Auto Desk AutoCAD Certification graduate in 2000.

Internet Library development in 1997. Since 2000 search engine study, change study, analysis and application for continued success in top search engine result for top product or services growth, branding and marketing focus.



  • FrontEnd Developer
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Local Search Engine Marketing
  • Content Developer Copy Editing

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